Gustavo Reyes – Biografía

Gustavo Reyes – Biografía


Mr. Gustavo Reyes – born in Lima, Peru and a graduated from Universidad National de Ingenieria (Peru) and City College of City University of New York (CUNY), has extensive education and training in Engineering and Construction Management. His professional competences, focused in taking correct and proper decisions during construction projects

Mr. Reyes actually is the CEO and President of Century Consulting Corp, a private firm of consulting and engineering. He worked as a geotechnical and structural engineer in the last 25 years in various construction projects in the five boroughs of New York City. Also; he is the CEO and President of Trade Commercial USA, a private import and export firm.

As a President of the Peruvian-American Chamber of Commerce of Long Island (PACCLI) and a Board Member of the “Peruvian Culture & Heritage Month, Inc.”. Mr. Reyes has been involved with the Latino Community in Long island for the last four years.

Ever since our inception, the Peruvian-Chamber of Commerce of Long Island (PACCLI)has dedicated its efforts to promote and stimulate the economic growth of our community by bringing together business men and women from all over Long Island to help them establish future economic ties with other business men and women of Peru. Mr. Reyes does believe is of extreme importance promoting uniform commercial characteristics between those who are interested in establishing new economic ties with Peru and the business men and thereof because it would not only encourage the rapid increase of new business opportunities for themselves, but most importantly will also incentivize our young generation comprised of men and women to start early in their journey to a world of business.

Mr. Reyes in conjunction with the members of PACCLI visualized since the onset of this organization and dedicated most of his time to see this dream come true. In addition to his invaluable help and knowledge of the dynamics of the Peruvian market, he has served as a mentor to many young man and woman who were new in this project and whom did not really know where or how to start. His experience of both the American and Peruvian markets has enabled countless of people benefiting of the great advantages that provided the New Free Trade Agreement between the United and States and Peru which recently signed by both presidents. His dedication and effort put in this project is of incalculable value that a not even this letter will be able to measure.

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